Alpine / Rock Garden

  • Alchemilla erythropoda

    20-30 x 30cm. Smaller, neater version of Alchemilla mollis, with lime yellow flowers. Self seeds a little. Humus-rich soil in sun or part shade.
  • Allium przewalskianum

    20cm. Fine foliage with heads of purple-pink flowers in summer. This bulb comes from Asia, and seems to flourish in well-drained soil in a sunny position.  Attracts bees & butterflies. Just a few bulbs available this year.
  • Androsace lanuginosa

    3cm. Forms a mat of hirsute foliage, with sprays of dainty pink flowers in summer. For well-drained soil in sun. Not too wet in winter (though mine have all survived the extremely wet winter of 2015-16!)
  • Androsace sarmentosa watkinsii

    10cm. Forms a mound of large rosettes, with umbels of pink flowers in early summer. Requires well-drained soil in a sunny position.
  • Androsace sempervivoides

    5-8cm. Spreading rosettes form a mat, with heads of dainty pink flowers in late spring. Well-drained soil in sun. Good in a trough or scree.
  • Androsace studiosorum Salmon’s variety

    10cm. Forming a mat, with hairy rosettes of leaves, and sprays of deep pink flowers on short stems in early summer. Requires well-drained soil in sun. Alpine/rock garden plant
  • Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Flore Pleno AGM

    10cm. Forms an evergreen mat of grey-green rosettes, with long-lasting double white flowers in late spring. Usually flowers again later in the summer. Very well drained soil in full sun. Excellent tumbling down a scree or rockery.
  • Armeria juniperifolia AGM

    5 cms. Forms a neat, small dome of needle-like foliage, with deep pink buds, opening to light pink flowers on short stems, over a long period. Well-drained soil in sun. Good in a trough or raised bed.
  • Campanula cochlearifolia Tubby

    7cm. Forms a creeping mat of foliage with masses of bright blue-mauve 'tubby' bellflowers over several weeks. For well-drained soil at the front of a sunny border, or in troughs etc.
  • Campanula x Belinda

    12cm. Beautiful, comparatively large, soft blue flowers in June-July, with a repeat flowering in August, though fewer flowers second time around! It seemed fairly well behaved to me to begin with, but after a couple of seasons in a trough I found it started to run around in a rather intrusive manner, so I would recommend keeping it in a container of its own!! For sunny well-drained areas.
  • Chrysanthemum weyrichii

    20cm. Low spreading mats of foliage produce short stems bearing lilac-pink flower from early summer. For well-drained soil in a sunny position. May take a season to settle down before flowering well.
  • Cymbalaria pallida

    5cm. Creeping stems with rounded, shiny green leaves, producing masses of lilac and white flowers, late spring to late summer. Sun or part shade. Attracts bees.
  • Dianthus Dainty Dame

    15cm. Fragrant white flowers with a dark maroon central zone, produced over a long period in summer. One of my favourites. For sunny, well-drained areas.
  • Dianthus Nyewood’s Cream

    5 cms. Masses of single white, fragrant flowers in late Spring to early Summer, over silver-grey foliage. The flowers develop a pink flush with age. Needs well-drained soil in sun. Ideal in a rock garden or scree.
  • Dianthus Waithman’s Jubilee AGM

    20cm. A beautifully scented pink, flowering prolifically in summer. The single flowers have a dark pinky-red ground, with 2 clear pink 'eyes' on each petal.
  • Erinus alpinus (Fairy foxglove)

    8 x 10cm. Sprays of small, pink, purple or white flowers in late spring to early summer. Suitable for well-drained soil, or even cracks in paving. Can be short-lived, but self-seeds.
  • Geranium Little Gem

    10-15cm. Forms a low tidy mat of foliage, with deep magenta flowers over a long period in summer. Enjoys a well-drained soil in sun. Chalk loving/tolerant For sunny well-drained areas Attracts bees, butterflies etc. Alpine/rock garden plant
  • Geranium Pink Delight

    10-15cm. A low-growing plant, forming a neat mound covered with light pink flowers over a long period in summer. Grows in well-drained soil, in a sunny position. Attracts bees, etc. Chalk loving/tolerant For sunny well-drained areas Attracts bees, butterflies etc. Alpine/rock garden plant
  • Geranium sanguineum var striatum Compact Mottisfont Form

    10 x 30cm. This compact form flowers for months in summer, with pale pink, dark-veined flowers. It grows slowly, in well-drained, fertile soil in full sun.
  • Iris suaveolens Purple-flowered form

    12cm. A small plant with fans of short evergreen leaves, and bearing comparatively large maroon-purple, bearded flowers in late-spring to early summer. Seems easy in well-drained soil in sun. I grow it in a trough.
  • Lithodora zahnii Azureness

    30-50cm. An evergreen shrublet with pure bright blue flowers in spring, and sporadically through summer. Very attractive to bees. Requires very well-drained soil, and full sun.
  • Oxalis enneaphylla AGM

    6-10cm. Attractive blue-grey, pleated foliage, with showy pale pink flowers, veined deeper pink, in early summer.  Well-drained soil in sun.
  • Oxalis enneaphylla Rosea

    Similar to above, but flowers are deeper pink with dark pink veining.
  • Parahebe Snowclouds

    30cm. Forms a small shrub, becoming smothered in masses of small white flowers with a deep pink central ring. Remove spent flower stems for continued flowering from spring into autumn. For well-drained soil in a sunny position.
  • Saponaria x lempergii Max Frei

    15-25cm. A well-behaved plant, producing masses of mid-pink flowers from late spring and through the summer. Well-drained soil in full or part sun. A really valuable plant for the rock garden or front of border.
  • Saxifraga Winifred Bevington

    15cm. Neat rosettes produce dainty sprays of pale pink flowers with deeper pink centres, giving a pretty, hazy pink effect. Good for the front of a border, or in pots and troughs. For full or part sun, but not too dry. Tolerates light shade too.
  • Sedum obtusifolium

    10-15cms. Fleshy rounded foliage forms an evergreen mat, with delightful sprays of starry pink-red flowers mid-late summer. Will trail over a wall or a pot too. Requires well-drained soil in a sunny spot. So far it has survived well with me, even being covered in snow for several days last year (2018).
  • Sisyrinchium Devon Skies

    10-15cm. Bright blue-mauve flowers in summer. Best in fairly well-drained soil in sun.
  • Sisyrinchium Quaint and Queer

    20-30cm. Unusual flowers, dusky yellow and purple, in summer. Reasonably well-drained soil in sun.
  • Sternbergia lutea

    10cm. Shining, golden crocus-like flowers from September to November, with dark glossy leaves appearing soon after flowers, and lasting until late spring. These bulbs need a deep, well-drained soil in a sunny position.
  • Teucrium ackermanii AGM

    15cm. Shrubby plant, making a small mound of silver-grey foliage. In summer, produces scented, pink-purple flowers in rounded clusters, over several weeks, often re-blooming later. Requires well-drained soil in a sunny position. Good in a trough, raised bed etc.
  • Teucrium pyrenaiacum AGM

    5-7cm. Forms a mat of small, softly-hairy, green leaves, with heads of purple-hooded and creamy-white-lipped flowers over a long period in summer.  Well-drained soil in a trough or raised bed. Attracts bees, etc.

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