Flower Arranging

  • Aeonium goochaie ‘Ballerina’
    Aeonium goochaie ‘Ballerina’

    20cms. Masses of rosettes of light green leaves edged creamy-white, and slightly sticky. Keep frost-free in winter, and grow fairly dry - if too wet the roots will rot. Tender perennial.  Flower arrangers.  For sunny well-drained areas.  Evergreen.  Container plant.
  • Agastache Blue Delight
    Agastache Blue Delight

    60-90cm. Upright plant with sweetly aromatic foliage, and spikes of deep lavender-blue flowers in summer which are attractive to bees etc.. Enjoys full or part sun in fairly well-drained soil. Dead-head to prolong flowering. Good cut flower. Self seeds a little.
  • Alchemilla erythropoda
    Alchemilla erythropoda

    20-30 x 30cm. Smaller, neater version of Alchemilla mollis, with lime yellow flowers. Self seeds a little. Humus-rich soil in sun or part shade.
  • Astrantia Buckland
    Astrantia Buckland

    60cm. White flowers with pink centres for a long period in summer, over an attractive mound of foliage. Attractive to bees, butterflies etc, and good cut flowers.  They prefer fertile, humus-rich soil in sun or part shade.
  • Chrysanthemum Daniel Cooper
    Chrysanthemum Daniel Cooper

    60-90cms. Sprays of single, rich mid-pink flowers over several weeks from September. Fertile soil in full or part sun, not too dry. Good cut flowers.
  • Chrysanthemum Daniel Cooper
    Chrysanthemum Daniel Cooper

    60-80cm. Sprays of single, rich mid-pink flowers are produced over several weeks from September onwards. Best in sun. A good cut flower. Attracts bees, butterflies etc.
  • Dianthus Binsey Red
    Dianthus Binsey Red

    40cm. Deliciously scented flowers, mainly a deep raspberry-pink, with a white margin, the reverse of the petals being white. Very floriferous. Flower arrangers  Chalk loving/tolerant  For sunny well-drained areas  Fragrant/aromatic
  • Dianthus Waithman’s Jubilee AGM
    Dianthus Waithman’s Jubilee AGM

    20cm. A beautifully scented pink, flowering prolifically in summer. The single flowers have a dark pinky-red ground, with 2 clear pink 'eyes' on each petal.
  • Orlaya grandiflora
    Orlaya grandiflora

    60 x 20cm. Annual. Divided foliage, with lacy white flowers in mid-summer. Well-drained soil in full sun. Good cut flower. Self seeds when happy!
  • Viola Fiona
    Viola Fiona

    A fragrant viola, white flowers with a powder-blue edge to the upper petals. Good to light up a darker corner, still flowers profusely.


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