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  • Jasminum mesnyi AGM

    2 x 2m. A lax evergreen shrub, bearing large semi-double yellow flowers in spring and early summer - and also, surprisingly, in autumn too in the last 2 years! Best grown against a sunny wall or fence. Has survived many hard frosts over the las 15+ years against a south-facing fence here in Hampshire!!
  • Jovellana punctata AGM

    60 x 100cm. Upright, semi-evergreen, suckering shrub. Pretty pale violet flowers with yellow throats and purple spots in summer. Fertile, well-drained soil in part sun. Protect with a mulch in colder areas.
  • Kalanchoe pumila AGM

    20cm. A succulent, with grey-green leaves and stems, coated in white meal, and producing sugar-pink flowers in late spring. Take care not to splash the leaves or touch them, as the meal will be spoiled. Good in a hanging basket, under cover. Keep just frost-free.
  • Kleinia grantii

    Formerly known as Senecio coccinilifera, an unexpected member of the daisy family! Succulent grey-green leaves, producing a long stem bearing vibrantly bright orange-red flowers in summer. A tender plant, requiring just frost-free conditions in winter, but happy to be outside in summer.
  • Lithodora zahnii Azureness

    30-50cm. An evergreen shrublet with pure bright blue flowers in spring, and sporadically through summer. Very attractive to bees. Requires very well-drained soil, and full sun.

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